PHASE ONE - Visualize and Define
In our first meeting we will help you visualize and define your design concept and approach. Discussing your ideas and interest in detail is key to deliver a positive design. Timeframe is discussed at this meeting as well.


PHASE TWO - Strategy and Positioning
Now that we've defined your design, evaluated your competition, and researched any opportunities, we'll present your fully developed corresponding concepts. Here at Mota Design we sketch out many ideas and present what we feel is a right fit for you and your business. We use many color combinations and juggle quite a few ideas to deliver quality design. Much will be discussed on our phone meetings .


PHASE THREE - Concept Refinement
Once your done reviewing your concepts with your colleagues, we refine, mix and match or adjust one concept for project review. Project is fully developed with all that has been discussed in our meetings and computer comps.


PHASE FOUR - Project Completion
Once the design material is finished and approved, Mota Design will coordinate and deliver final formats of your design. We deliver EPS, PDF, Gif and Jpeg files for most projects. We will do a final workthrough to assure the project is final.


PHASE FIVE - Thank you!
Here at Mota Design we appreciate all of our clients and our main goal is to increase revenue for your business and to keep your clients happy.



“Extremely great work, time and dedication, professional service and communication! I am very pleased with the final product. Always happy to work with Mota Design!” Nucleavenom
“I'm extremely glad that i trusted my gut and chose Francisco to create my company logo. He always made himself available whenever i called and quickly made any revisions i asked for. With his expert guidence we were able to come up with a product that i felt represented my company well. There's no doubt in my mind that this project was just the first of many that i plan on hiring him for! NukeDuds

The light bulb is the perfect metaphor for creativity and ideas because, like the light bulb, great ideas often seem to turn on at the flick of a switch. Like designers creating art, God created the most beautiful design of all. "LIFE".

Francisco Mota

Whether you’re a small company or international corporation, Mota Desgin offers the full spectrum of design services in an unmistakably ‘you first’ format. We take the time to truly understand your business and what makes you tick, because only then can we decide on the most effective promotional path to take from there.


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